WOODIE™ Oversized Soft Hoodie Blanket

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Want to live in a mitten? Want to feel the warmth of a thousand fresh baked cookies? Softness beyond any bunny? Buy this product!!  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ — Vickie H. 

Staying warm during the cold part of the year can be challenging, especially during outdoor activities like camping or tailgating. Blankets are warm but awkward to walk around in, while jackets can be tight and made of rough fabric. Trying to stay warm while having fun shouldn’t be difficult or uncomfortable.

With the Woodie Oversized Soft Blanket Hoodie, staying warm while relaxing, cuddling with your pets, or hanging out is effortless. Its thick velveteen material holds in heat while the microfiber fabric is incredibly soft to the touch. No more bulky, confining jackets or being cold while sitting in the stands!

Why This Hoodie Blanket Will Make Winter The Best Season Of All



Made of silky shu velveteen microfibers, the Woodie is incredibly soft, comfortable, and durable, but also lightweight.



This hoodie blanket will keep you toasty warm while camping, tailgating at games, or at home relaxing in front of the TV.




It has a large kangaroo pocket in front for keeping hands warm or holding things like remotes, keys, tablets, and anything else you need to keep on hand.



The Woodie is loosely-fitted and can be worn over headphones, glasses, or bulky sweatshirts and fits all body shapes and sizes.



These wearable blankets are perfect gifts for everyone on your list this year…including yourself!


We know the annoyance of trying to be cozy on cold days without being over-bundled all the time. Traditional blankets will slip off the shoulders even when sitting and aren’t designed to fit around a moving body. Staying warm while relaxing - whether camping, tailgating, or watching Netflix on your couch - should be simple and without worry.

The Woodie Oversized Soft Blanket Hoodie will keep you toasty warm no matter where you are! You’ll stay comfortable whether you’re cuddling with your pets on the couch, watching a game in the stands on a chilly day, or camping high up in the mountains. Every member of your family deserves to be cozy and warm all year round.