SOLARHOT™ Portable Shower Bag

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"I originally bought this for backpacking the Appalachian Trail. When empty it weighs nothing and takes up almost no space in my pack. It’s so, so, so easy to use and makes warm showers possible anywhere. I love this shower bag and now I never go camping without it!"


-Ashley K. ✅  Verified Buyer



Anyone who loves camping for extended periods of time knows the struggle of trying to stay clean in the great outdoors. While paid campgrounds can provide basic amenities like toilets and showers, these aren’t available everywhere, which means either finding another way to keep clean or staying dirty and grimy for days on end.

SOLARHOT™ Portable Shower Bag allows you to have a hot shower no matter how far out in the wilderness you are! A 5-gallon/20-liter capacity gives you 8 to 10 minutes of shower time and its solar heating capabilities let you heat the water to whatever temperature you desire. Once it’s heated, simply hang on a tree branch and enjoy.



Why SOLARHOT™ Portable Shower Bag Will Make You Fall In Love With Camping All Over Again



Our shower bag doesn’t need electricity or batteries, just set it in the sun. 3 hours of sunlight should provide a full bag with the perfect temperature.


It’s made of non-toxic PVC material and has a UV heat-seal coating for long life and leak protection.


Submerge the spiral injection port in water to fill the bag quickly. A mesh pocket holds toiletries within easy reach.



SOLARHOT™ Portable Shower Bag rolls up tightly for easy storage, and even when completely filled is simple to carry and hang up.


A gauge on the backside of the bag lets you choose the perfect temperature for your shower and prevent the water from getting too hot.


The hose can be clamped into multiple positions while the nozzle can adjust the level of water flow for a perfect shower every time.



We understand the frustration of trying to stay clean while camping far into the bush. Bathing in freezing mountain streams is miserable and leaves skin cold and dry, while desert camping gets sand into everything, leaving skin rubbed raw and dirty. Neither is pleasant, especially for an extended period of time.


SOLARHOT™ Portable Shower Bag can be used in any environment. All you need is a source of water and an hour or two of sunlight to enjoy a refreshing shower in any place, any time of day. Whether you need a cold shower in the heat of the desert or a hot one while winter camping, this portable, lightweight, quick-heating shower bag can make camping easier, cleaner, and more pleasant no matter how far from civilization you are.


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