StarCuddle™️ Night Light Plush Toy

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“My young daughter adores her new StarCuddle Night Light Plush Toy! It’s become an essential part of our bedtime routine. I feel better knowing she has a night light in case she needs to get up in the middle of the night, and she feels safer sleeping with it.” 

-Tammy ✅  Verified Buyer
Every parent is familiar with the fear of the dark and stalling tactics at bedtime. Nighttime routines can be fraught with frustration as parents try to keep kids happy and well-rested while soothing their worries. Corner nightlights only do so much to alleviate the fear of the dark, while requests for stories and drinks of water can become delay tactics that increase anxiety.

With the StarCuddle Night Light Plush Toy at hand, stalling tactics and night fears are a thing of the past! It works as a night light, giving kids a light they can carry if they need to get up in the middle of the night, and assures parents their little ones can sleep without being afraid of the dark. Its soft, cuddly body will comfort children as they drift off to sleep.

This StarCuddle Night Light Plush Toy Will Bring Magic Into Your Children's Life

This Plush Toy is a soft, comforting friend for your child anytime they need one. It can be safely taken to bed or carried on a trip to soothe separation anxiety.

Children can turn it on with the press of a button so they can get up and move around late at night if they need to use the restroom or get a drink.

This plush toy projects stars, comets, and other images across the walls and ceiling for a beautiful moving light show to entertain and make children feel safe.


This toy takes 3 AAA batteries and uses very little power so the batteries last for a long time before needing changed.

The Starcuddle Plush Toy has a 20-minute automatic turn-off, so it doesn’t drain batteries once your child has fallen asleep.

We know the frustration of having children delay bedtime because they don’t want to go to sleep and the stress of fruitlessly trying to soothe a kid's fear of the dark. Children should be able to get up late at night for a drink of water without being afraid, and parents shouldn’t have to worry about children having accidents because they fear the dark or can’t see where they’re going.

This StarCuddle Night Light Toy can make bedtime a wonderful part of your family’s nightly routine! No more begging for just one more story or crying every time the lights go out. This stuffed night light can lay beside your child every night, ready to turn on anytime they need a nightlight or just a comforting hug!


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