MOONGLEAM™ Customized 3D Lamp

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The picture of my kids on the front is so clear, it lights up so bright, and just the ability to have multiple modes and colors are amazing. It turned out better than expected and it sits on my nightstand where I can admire it every night. I will treasure it forever. Thank you so much!!
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Patricia J.

Anyone who has spent days searching for the perfect gift for a loved one knows the struggle of trying to find something beautiful, well-made, and unique. Jewelry is lovely but often prohibitively expensive, while candy and flowers don’t last. Finding a gift that communicates your feelings and will last a lifetime can be an exercise in frustration.

The MOONGLEAM™ Customized 3D Lamp is the ideal gift for a loved one! It can be customized with a photo and text to tell them exactly how much they are loved. The lamp uses touch technology for convenience and a lithium-ion battery for long life. Use it anywhere light is needed for a beautiful, personalized source of light.

Why This Customized 3D Lamp Will Light Up All Your Nights


The MOONGLEAM™ Customized 3D Lamp can be personalized with a photo on the front for a one-of-a-kind gift that will be remembered forever.

Soft, warm light.
The MOONGLEAM™ Customized 3D Lamp shines with a soft, warm light to soothe busy minds and relax tired eyes, improving sleep.

Multiple Colors.
Choose up to 16 different color shifts for the MOONGLEAM Lamp and change color with the tap of a finger, according to your mood or the time of day.

Remote Control.
The lamp comes with a remote control that allows you to direct the light color, brightness, and gradient, or set a timer for up to 60 minutes for control of your surroundings.

This beautiful lamp comes complete with a rechargeable battery and a USB cord that plugs into the bottom of the globe for hassle-free recharging anywhere.

We know the frustration of trying to find that special gift for the most important people in your life. Spending hours searching through websites or walking through stores can be exhausting and demoralizing when you want to find the gift that will be most appreciated. Two out of three customers return at least one gift during the holiday season!

Our MOONGLEAM™ Customized 3D Lamp is the perfect gift for loved ones. Its customizable surface can communicate any message you wish to send and makes it completely unique and one-of-a-kind compared to any other lamps out there. It will make a home feel cozy and complete, and your loved ones will know exactly how treasured their presence in your life is.

  • This item requires 3-5 business days to handcraft.
  • This item cannot be returned unless it is defective or damaged.
  • This item cannot be modified once you finish the payment.