OPTIBOOK™ Toy Storybook Torch Projector

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“I just fell in love with this, I wish something like it had existed when I was little...perfect for encouraging the imagination of little minds! Fast shipping and my kids adored it as soon as I turned it on. They beg for it every night during storytime!”


-Tammy ✅  Verified Buyer
Every parent is familiar with requests for bedtime stories and fear of the dark. Nighttime routines can be fraught with frustration as parents try to keep kids happy and well-rested while soothing their worries. Corner nightlights only do so much to alleviate the fear of the dark, while stories can be used as a stalling tactic instead of a learning opportunity.

With the Children’s OPTIBOOK™ Toy Storybook Torch Projector at hand, stalling tactics and night fears are a thing of the past! It works as a nightlight, giving kids a light they can carry if they need to get up in the middle of the night, and provides parents with creative storytelling opportunities that keep children engaged so storytime is a bonding moment rather than a stalling tactic.

This OPTIBOOK™ Toy Storybook Torch Projector Will Bring Magic Into Your Children’s Lives

This torch is constructed of eco-friendly ABS plastic so it can be safely handled by small children and will not off-gas or emit unpleasant odors.

The OPTIBOOK™ Toy Storybook Torch Projector comes with 8 disks, and each one tells a different fairy tale; one for every day of the week with an extra for special occasions!

It can be safely and easily operated by young children, stimulating their imagination and helping to develop cognitive and motor skills.


The torch doubles as a nightlight, staying on after storytime is done and the lights have gone out so kids will never be afraid of the dark.

The OPTIBOOK™ Toy Storybook Torch Projector has a hinged carry handle perfect for tiny hands so children can take a light with them if they get up in the middle of the night.

The projector lens can be adjusted by rotating it, letting you project images on walls, ceilings, and beds with perfect clarity no matter how close or far they are.

We know the frustration of having children beg for more stories because they don’t want to go to bed and fruitlessly trying to soothe kid’s fear of the dark. Reading stories shouldn’t be a delay tactic, it should be an enjoyable experience for everyone, and children should be able to get up late at night for a drink of water without being afraid. 

This OPTIBOOK™ Toy Storybook Torch Projector can make bedtime a wonderful part of your family’s nightly routine! No more begging for just one more story or crying every time the lights go out. This torch can sit at your children’s bedside every night, ready to grab anytime they need a nightlight or you’d like to get their imagination going with a colorful story!


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