Kids 360 Degrees Sonic Electric Toothbrush

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This sonic toothbrush is a game changer! My 4 years old son used to hate brushing his teeth and brushing time was a nightmare. He loves his new toothbrush and he enjoys brushing by himself now.


- Emily Kolk ✅ Verified Buyer



Meet the New Sonic Electric Kids U-Brush with Aqua Wave

Worried your kids are not brushing teeth properly? Who can blame them? Brushing and flossing are hard for little hands. Finally, your kids can say goodbye to boring old toothbrushes and discover a fun way to better oral health.


Switch to a new exciting way of brushing teeth effectively, without the tiring routine.

It's new. It's Fun. And it ensures 360° deep cleansing that eliminates Bacteria + Plaque + Tartar in just 30 seconds.

The breakthrough U-Shaped brush covers teeth 360° and allows the soft micro-pulse silicon bristles to deep cleanse. Even those hard-to-reach surfaces that your kids can barely ever get to.

Why Kids, Moms and Dads Love The New U-Brush

✅  Ultra Hygienic Silicone For Germ-Free Brushing Day After Day

Unlike nylon bristles, new silicone bristles are non-porous, meaning they are resistant to bacterial buildup and a whopping 35 times more hygienic - giving your kids healthier gums and teeth.

✅  Baby Steps to Lifetime Oral Health

Introduces oral health in fun baby steps (unlike tiring toothbrushes). Because it's easy and pleasing, your kids develop strong oral habits within weeks.

✅  Fast, Professional Cleaning In 30 Seconds Every Day

Micropulse bristles coat teeth 360° and pulsates with 48,000 movements p.m.- giving your kids a professional dental cleaning every day. Removes 300% more plaque along the gum line than a manual brush.

✅  Gentle 3D Cleansing For Sensitive Teeth

Silicone touch points are designed to protect your kids' teeth while deep cleansing. No more gum damages or brushing injuries.

✅  Perfect Fit For All

The U-Shaped Brush is exclusively designed to coat all surfaces evenly including the farthest back molars. Kids enjoy evenly clean healthier teeth.

✅  Fast Charge Just Once A Week

Qi-enabled charging dock allows you to fast-charge your toothbrush wirelessly (or with a USB cable). A 90-minute quick charge lasts a week. Forget about flat batteries.

✅  Brush While They Shower

New Sonic toothbrushes are convenient for use in the bath or shower as they are IPX7 waterproof. Now kids can combine their shower with a tooth care routine and enjoy a total clean feeling.

✅  Work With All Toothpastes

The new sonic brush is designed to work well with all traditional toothpastes. Discover visibly better results from your current toothpaste.

Traditional toothbrushes are painfully cumbersome for baby hands. They do not clean those hard-to-reach surfaces that become a nest for bacteria and plaque in time. Even electric toothbrushes fail to reach all the nooks and corners. Kids find it agonizingly hard to master these small rotating brushes for years. No wonder they want to give it the slip so frequently.

Get a superior clean with the new Aqua Wave Sonic U-Brush electric toothbrush that's right for your kids. Sonic U-Brush is Forever Fun For Kids. The unique U shape brushes teeth 360° and its sonic vibration gently scrubs away every last bit of food, plaque, and build up even from the toughest hideout - leaving their teeth sparkling clean and fresh.