FUZZYCUDDLE™ Comfy Soothing Pet Bed

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“My elderly Spaniel loves this bed. She has a much easier time laying down and getting back up in it than her other bed or the bare floor. I’ve washed it a few times now with no issues, and it’s still just as soft as the day I bought it. Thank you!” 

-Katie C. ✅  Verified Buyer

Keeping beloved pets calm, comfortable, and happy can be difficult, especially as they age. Cheaply made beds can be scratchy and lumpy, and often disintegrate the first time they’re washed. They can be hard to match with existing decor and fail to keep hair contained and off furniture.

The FUZZYCUDDLE™ Comfy Soothing Pet Bed can help even elderly pets sleep soundly and comfortably. Made of soft, breathable cotton, this bed can be easily rolled up and taken anywhere, keeping anxiety and discomfort at bay no matter how far from home. No more worrying about pets sleeping fitfully or not being able to fall asleep!

Why The FUZZYCUDDLE™ Comfy Soothing Pet Bed Will Change Your Pet’s World

The incredibly soft plush fabric and generous stuffing is soft to the touch.  It creates a den-like effect, which reduces stress and anxiety in pets and their owners.

The FUZZYCUDDLE™ Comfy Soothing Pet Bed is warm but breathable. The back roll supports the head and neck for a soothing night’s sleep.

This 100% cotton pet bed is machine washable. Homes and floors will stay spotless and no pet smells will be detected.

The bottom of the bed has a special dotted no-slip coating. It will stay exactly where it was placed even when a dog circles before lying down every night.


The FUZZYCUDDLE™ Comfy Soothing Pet Bed’s fluffy Vegan fur collects the hair that pets shed. Sofas and chairs will stay clean and hair-free.

Size Chart

 Size  Width Long Outer Diameter
Small 27.5" / 70cm 27.5" / 70cm 35.5" / 90cm
Medium 33" / 84cm 33" / 84cm 41.4" / 105cm
Large 39.4" / 100cm 33.5" / 85cm 45.3" / 115cm

We understand the worry of having your home dirtied and your furniture damaged by a beloved pet. There is nothing worse than coming home from a long day of work to find your sofa and floor covered in dog hair, and your best friend full of anxiety or stress.

With the FUZZYCUDDLE™ Comfy Soothing Pet Bed, anxious pets and hair-covered sofas are a thing of the past! Your dog will feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed all day long whether you are with them or away from home. Your home will stay clean, free hair and smelling wonderful!


Our Guarantee

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