CUDDLY FRIEND™ Heartbeat Dog Snuggly Toy

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I ordered this just a tad too late and received it on the day after we initially brought our puppy home. The first night neither of us got any real sleep! We’re crate training and she cried terribly throughout the night trying to adjust to being without her littermates. The next day, she whimpered for less than a minute and settled right in once I’d turned on the Cuddly Friend Snuggly Toy for her. This item has worked wonders to ease my puppy into her new environment!

-Ashley C. ✅  Verified Buyer

There is nothing more heartbreaking than leaving a beloved pet behind while traveling, knowing they will from separation anxiety and engage in destructive behaviors. They’ll also bark or howl which causes problems with neighbors or boarding kennels who must listen to it.

The CUDDLY FRIEND™ Heartbeat Dog Snuggly Toy can turn a lonely, frightened dog into a sweet, contented companion instantly! It uses simple alkaline batteries to emit a heartbeat-like pulse, making dogs feel comforted and safe, just like snuggling with their mother.

Why This Plush Toy Will Change Your Dog’s Life

The CUDDLY FRIEND™ Heartbeat Dog Snuggly Toy imitates a real heartbeat, recreating the feeling of a mother dog’s presence. Separation anxiety and fear are kept at bay.

This plush toy has a soft body made of high quality cotton. Pets can snuggle with it and stay comforted during trips or overnight in their crate.

The CUDDLY FRIEND™ Heartbeat Dog Snuggly Toy is made of sturdy material that resists the most determined chewing, ensuring it lasts for a long time.

The electronic part of the CUDDLY FRIEND™ Heartbeat Dog Snuggly Toy sits in a small pouch. It can be quickly removed so the toy can be machine-washed.

This lovely plush toy uses two AAA batteries to beat like a heart. It will run continuously for up to 300 hours, keeping pets feeling secure at all times.

We know the worry pet owners feel when their dogs suffer from anxiety and stress. Trying to keep beloved pets from crying while their owners are at work or traveling can be a burden. According to veterinarians, up to 40% of dogs suffer from separation anxiety.

But with the CUDDLY FRIEND™ Heartbeat Dog Snuggly Toy, beloved pets can go from stressed out to blissfully calm! Puppies will happily spend all night sleeping in their crates without whining or keeping the rest the house awake. Give your beloved pet the gift of a new best friend today!


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