DAZZLING GLOW™ 7-In-1 Ultrasonic Facial Massager

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"I’ve been using it nightly and loving the results. The different settings for massage and LED therapy treat my different skin problems like acne, blackheads, and wrinkles. It’s making my skin smoother, softer, and brighter all over!"

-Alice R. ✅ Verified Buyer

Are you struggling to keep the ravages of time at bay? There’s nothing more disheartening than looking in the mirror every morning and seeing the telltale signs of aging creep across your face. Makeup can only do so much; after a while, it can feel like even the best products stop working their magic. Our facial massager is the perfect solution to all your anti-aging skincare needs!

DAZZLING GLOW™ 7-in-1 EMS LED facial massager uses light therapy, high frequency vibrations and positive ion technology to keep your skin fresh and bright. It prevents blackheads or other impurities from settling into your pores, helps your skin stay smooth, and keeps you looking younger than your age with regular use.


Why DAZZLING GLOW™ Anti-Wrinkle Massager Will Change Your Relationship With Your Skin



Our unique technology removes unwanted build-up of oil, toxins, dirt, bacteria, and skin cell debris – all of which contribute to unwanted consequences like acne and premature aging. 


Only about 0.3% of the nutrition in your beauty products absorbs into your skin. This ultrasonic facial massager delivers skincare products' ingredients all the way down to the deepest layers of your dermis, making your expensive products 8 times more efficient.


DAZZLING GLOW™ ultrasonic facial massager promotes the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid in your skin by conducting muscle stimulation and electroporation. The massager offers some of the latest wrinkle removing technology on the market!


Bring more elasticity and firmness to your face by tightening sagging jowls, smoothing fine lines, and eliminating crow’s feet. Stimulate blood flow to strengthen your face shape and look younger instantly.



Blue light phototherapy is antimicrobial and is effective on several different strains of bacteria, helping to eliminate pimples whether you’re 16 or 60. Regular treatment can keep your skin smooth and clear of pimples.




How to use: 

1. Cleanse your skin before application.
2. Long press the on/off button to turn on the device.
3. Press the Mode button to select the function. There will be an indicator light on which function is currently in use.
4. Regulate the gear by pressing the Level button. There will be an indicator light for the gear regulation.
5. Apply the skin care product to areas that you want to massage.


We understand the frustration of trying to find great products that solve your most pressing skin issue. But regular salon visits for multiple skin treatments are expensive and time-consuming. Whether you’re wanting to clear up pimples, improve your skin texture, or just look younger all over, there’s always another appointment to be made or another product to buy.


DAZZLING GLOW™ 7-in-1 Ultrasonic Facial Massager can do it all for you in the privacy of your own bathroom. Tighten your wrinkles or treat acne while drinking your morning coffee. You’ll be shocked at how simple it is to look years younger with just a few treatments. Claim yours today and feel like a million dollars every time you step out your front door!

 Our Guarantee

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