ORTHOPAD™ Spinal Alignment Pillow

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Anyone who spends their day hunched over a computer screen or throwing a ball around has experienced the neck pain and migraines that come after a hard day’s work. Bowing the head to focus on a screen for hours can misalign the spinal column while playing sports can tire muscles and pull shoulder tendons. While a yoga class or ice bath can help relieve the pain, these options aren’t always possible.

With the ORTHOPAD™ Spine Alignment Pillow, neck strain, shoulder pain, and migraine headaches can be relieved at home in moments! This curved pillow’s comfortable contours will realign the spine with consistent use while the soft, dense foam construction offers gentle support to strained neck muscles. 10 minutes a day can improve blood flow around the neck area and promote a better night’s sleep.

Why This Spinal Alignment Pillow Will Change Your Work Life

Using the alignment pillow after working at a computer all day will relieve the pressure this position places on your spine, relaxing and loosening your body.

The ORTHOPAD™ Spine Alignment Pillow uses gravity to apply a safe, gentle downward pressure on your spine that stretches without causing injury or discomfort.

This Alignment pillow is lightweight, easy to use, and can be packed into carry-on bags for relaxing during travel.

The ORTHOPAD™ Alignment Pillow can be used with the curve forward for a gentle stretch, or with the curve backward for a stronger stretch.

This pillow places pressure on the acupuncture points of the neck, promoting healing and tension relief.

We understand the aggravation of trying to work while experiencing neck pain, muscle tension, or chronic headaches. Pain medication is not only unhealthy but also a temporary solution, while special chairs and standing desks can be prohibitively expensive. 16 million Americans suffer from neck pain which limits their activities and interferes with their work.

But the ORTHOPAD™ Spine Alignment Pillow can be used anywhere at a moment’s notice! Toss the pillow in a briefcase or purse while traveling. Place it on the floor after a shower for a quick realignment, or while listening to a guided meditation. Neck pain, muscle stiffness, and spinal tension will be a thing of the past. You will feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a single session!


Our Guarantee

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