Hair Growth Laser Comb

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Fall In Love With Your Hair Again!


Meet The New Fast Hair Regrowth Comb With LLLT Laser Therapy!


Are you terrified to put brush on your hair? Worried that you'll end up with more hair on your brush and less on your scalp? Is hair loss causing you lower self-esteem?



If you've ever noticed a bigger clump than usual in your brush or shower drain, then you understand the panic and desperation that can set in around shedding strands.

It's NOT JUST A MAN PROBLEM. Nearly 1 out of every 4 women experience hair loss and thinning hair.

Whether you're losing your hair due to hormonal imbalance, alopecia, genetic factors, inappropriate diet, and stress ...


.. there's a SOLUTION! FINALLY!



Say HELLO to Cold Laser Therapy - the new, at-home hair regrowth device that's proven to stop hair loss and reinvigorate microcirculation for new youthful hair growth. 


The new technology is clinically tested to clear your scalp of dead skin and product build-up, relax your scalp muscles, andcatalyze youthful hair growth.


Forget the stress of having to take a second mortgage for hair transplant .. or trying impossible concoctions of coconut milk, honey, crushed black pepper, fenugreek...



Now you have an at-home hair-loss-solution that's natural, works faster and better than anything else you have ever known.And it costs less than 4 lattes.


For, the first time ever, you're looking at a proven technology that helps rejuvenate and nourish the cells that help grow richer, fuller hair.

Nourish. Repair. Regrow.

Better Today. Better Tomorrow. Better You.

Win Over Losing Hair

Soft spectrum 'eye safe' photon beams of 2X Hair Regrowth Comb drastically improves microcirculation in your scalp tissues - allowing blood circulation and oxygen to flow through every hair follicle. Your hair can start regenerating in as little as a few days.


Clinically Validated by FDA To Regrow Hair

Advanced Low-level laser therapy (LLLT), is validated by FDA (U.S.A) as an effective treatment of hair loss that helps regrow hair. Eliminate the uncertainty and risks of the beauty-blog-hair-remedies.


Destress. Regrow. 

Double Action bristles vibrate gently with a massaging movement - destressing your scalp, thus stimulating hair growth. Discover relaxed days and deeply nourished hair. 


Say Goodbye To Frizzy. Say ‘Hello’ To Silky. 

Each bristle is fitted with a soft polymer ball tip that detangles knots like dream. Never deal with the nightmare of broken and frizzy hair again.


Fastest Natural Hair Regrowth 

Soft blue laser beam can increase up to 129 additional new hairs per sq. inch. Discover rich thick, full-bodied hair .. faster. 


Age-Defying Hair

Specially designed acupressure bristles with contoured nodes gently massage your head. This stimulates improved blood circulation and sends nutrients to the root of every hair - reversing thinning hair, and promoting hair growth. Experience age-defying healthy gorgeous hair.


Eco Friendly. Goes On and On and On..

Eco, friendly, energy-saving comb runs on end with 2 regular AA batteries (not included). Forget the headache of having to charge every night. 


Future Of Your Hair... In Your Hands


Natural ways to regrow hair have always been a hit or miss. While it works for a few .. most people abandon the time-consuming military discipline with more frustration and less hair.


Honestly, we do not have the time or energy to blend cocktails of honey, egg white, ground liquorice root with a quarter teaspoon saffron in a cup of milk .. and then leave it on our head for eternity .. everyday.


And even if you did have the time, it'll take years to view any visible improvement.


Discover A Faster, Better, And A Scientifically Tested  Way Of Regrowing Your Hair.



Less Fuss. More Hair.

You are guaranteed to love this comb and your new hair. But just in case you're not totally stoked

You’re covered with a 30-Day 100% Money-back Guarantee.

We'll courteously refund your money if you're not totally happy with your purchase. We promise.