Cloud Rainbow Bath Bomb

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This bath bomb is almost too cute to use! My kids were so excited to see the rainbow shooting out from the cloud, made their bath time super fun!
-Kathy Rutz ✅ Verified Buyer

Transform your bath into a dreamy home spa!

Just pop theCloud Rainbow Bath Bomb into your bathtub and it releases uniquevibrant rainbow fizz as you swirl it around. The bath bomb gently nourishes and moisturizes your skin and safe for small children and people with dry skin.

The natural fragrance helps kids relax after bath time and helps them sleep better at night.

Here Is Why You Should Get Cloud Rainbow Bath Bomb

  • Makes Bath Time Fun -Comes with cloud shape, the bath bomb releases a vibrant bubble in a unique pattern, bringing you endless fun and letting your child fall in love with the bath.

  • Moisturizing Skin Care -This fizzy bath bomb is formulated with essential oils to moisturize and soften your skin. Making it soft and smooth, stimulates blood circulation to invigorate the skin.

  • 100% Natural -Made of 100% natural sea salt, free of irritating chemicals and additives. Handmade, shaped, harmless to skin.

  • Versatility - Soften the stratum carenum when bathing, more delicate and moisturized for a long time. Can be used for spa, bathing, hot springs.

  • Home Spa Experience  -Renew and rejuvenate yourself with this aromatherapy after a long day. Ideal for natural healing and relaxation.

A fun, and one of a kind bath time is only a cloud away. With the Cloud Rainbow bath bomb, you can soak into the bathtub and watch as the rainbow explodes and nourishes your skin. Studies have found that taking a hot bath before bed could help people fall asleep more quickly and stay asleep longer. Your ordinary bath time becomes your favourite and rewarding experience.

This bath bomb gift set is also perfect for Mother’s Day, Fathers Day, Christmas, and Birthdays, or any special occasion to show how much you care.

Blue skies and little white fluffy clouds make for a lovely day, but bring that cloud to the tub and an amazing thing happens!  A Rainbow!  A beautiful bright fantastic delight!  Fill your tub with warm water, gently place the bath cloud in and enjoy the bubbly fizzy colourful surprise, yummy scents and skin loving oils and butters.