Electric Gel Nail Polish Steam Remover

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Love the quality and how easy it is to print. Prints fast. Bought sticker rolls for it and it works great too. The app is easy to use. Will be buying more as gifts
-Dolce Rosales ✅ Verified Buyer

Remove gel nail polish in minutes and 0% risk of damaging your nail or skin with this Electric Gel Nail Polish Steam remover!

The machine warms up the nail remover and speeds up the process of removing your gel nail polish. Using a nail drill to remove it takes time and your nail becomes thinner and weaker. But this machine can easily remove gel nail polish without harming your nail.

Here Is Why You Should Get Electric Gel Nail Polish Remover

  • HARMLESS and SAFE :The machine gently warms up the gel remover and the steam helps prevent from drying your nail bed or cuticle and your nail stays strong and healthy.

  • QUICK AND EASY: The steam speeds up the removing process and the machine can take care of all 5 fingers in 8 to 10 minutes. Now you don’t need to wrap each finger with soaked cotton andaluminium foil or drill off each nail anymore.

  • EFFECTIVELY REMOVE ALL TYPES OF POLISH:The machine can also work for other artificial nails such as soak-off gel or acrylic nail and it is a great addition for those who love to do their nail at home.

Are you tired of seeing your nail getting weaker every time you take off your gel nail polish? Removing the gel nail polish with a nail drill is time consuming and you are damaging your nail bed without knowing. 

With this machine you can finally say goodbye to these problems and enjoy getting your nail done. You will be amazed how easy the gel nail polish peels off from your nail and the process is done in minutes! Stop wasting your time and money at a nail salon and enjoy doing this at home!